RMI lowers your waste costs -- through recycling programs designed to fit your specific business. We reduce dumpster rental and disposal fees and clear away the headaches that hamper your day-to-day operations. Certain customers also receive payment for more valuable waste.
Your company is a candidate for our services if you have clean plastic waste. If you generate around 4,000 pounds of scrap a month, we will also handle your other waste, such as cardboard and metal. (If you produce a small amount of waste, we will take it if you deliver it.) All we ask you to do is keep your different types of waste separate from each other and load them on the trailer that we will provide on your production site.

RMI does everything else! First, we will analyze your facility and relative manufacturing procedures. Then we will structure your recycling program, provide storage for your scrap materials, and swap out containers when they are full. RMI submits a monthly statement of material received and mails payment around the third week of the following month.

You no longer have to think about waste. Call or email RMI right now!

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Fax: 404-753-7716
Email: jporter@recycledmaterialsinc.com


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