What is your geographical region of service?

Our primary focus is service to the Southeast but we do ship around the USA and world. We have exported to Canada, India, China and Vietnam outlets.

Do you take mixed material loads?

Yes, if sorted we can take multiple plastic materials and other sorted recyclable materials. However, call us to determine if your materials are desirable and how best to ship them.

Do you take milk jugs or drink bottles?

No. We do not take post-consumer recyclables, for example, no used food or drink containers or random household items. We do take containers that have never held food, drink or chemicals.

Do you take metal items or cardboard?

Not usually but as a convenience for our customers, we will take these materials if accompanied with a load of plastic materials.

Do you pay cash same day for delivered materials?

No cash is ever on site. Some checks are written on Fridays for small amounts of material with minimum of $100.

Do you take branded plastic materials?

No. Large corporations have prohibited the recycling of their plastic materials with imprinted logo. All accepted materials have a signed release with guarantee of full certificate of ownership.

What other materials do you NOT accept?

We do not accept medical waste, hazardous waste, electronic scrap, post-consumer, random household items, shrink film, styrofoam (expanded polystyrene, EPS) or cross-linked plastic (nothing with an “X” in it.)

What happens if we send co-mingled scrap?

Co-mingled scrap is worth significantly less than sorted material. Deductions will be made for contamination and for any necessary disposal of trash. We will work with you to determine the best way to keep your waste streams separated.