RMI celebrates over 25 years!

James T. Porter, Jr. started Recycled Materials, Inc. (RMI) in 1993 to fulfill his vision of helping companies minimize their waste costs through recycling. As a native Atlantan, he looked toward opportunities in his own community with innovative commercial recycling services.

RMI's initial growth began with restaurants, schools and commercial users of large quantities of aluminum cans. As packaging materials moved more toward plastics, efforts shifted to the many waste forms produced by quickly changing technologies and styles. RMI identified generators of unmingled scraps and buyers for processed plastic scrap. A range of local services soon expanded to the southeast, other areas of USA and included exporting.


The RMI facility has capacity to shred, grind and bale. Quality control equipment such as aspirators, magnets, and a melt indexer enable the company to maintain the highest possible standards of processed plastic material.

A quality finished product is rivaled only by the quality relationships that RMI forges with customers and employees. We treat people honestly and fairly. Several employees have over ten years of seniority at RMI. Because our reputation precedes us, integrity is at our core.

We look forward to serving you.